A tribute to femininity.

Inspired by a calm nocturnal nature, our inaugural collection blends unique details from Lingerie with modern structured lines, creating sophisticated evening pieces.

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Corsets, Bodysuits & Pants 

The story behind your garments

With Elisha, the approach to fashion is about doing better.

From our atelier to your wardrobe, we make sure to take care of your garments in the most respectful and effective way, for you and for the environment.


    Our pieces celebrate the woman's body. While Lingerie enhances it beautifully, it is often kept hidden. By blending some of lingerie's design elements into evening wear, our pieces allow your confidence to shine, beyond an intimate setting.


    Your pieces are made-to-order in our Parisian atelier, with ethical standards and eco-consciousness. This "on-demand" system ensures little to no waste, fair prices, and is slow-fashion friendly.


    You deserve clothes that fit.

    Our pieces being crafted on demand, we are able to offer you a broad range of sizes to adjust to your body, breast, and even height.

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